All of us here at Cawdor and Vauxhall understand that the current restrictions in place to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic means that scheduled servicing cannot be carried out at the time or mileage required to maintain valid warranty on your vehicle.

The latest announcement from Vauxhall is that customers can maintain the manufacturer warranty for up to 3 months or 1,800 miles after the specified service interval. This means that your warranty will not expire if servicing is not carried out as planned, and we will have a safe process in place by this time should restrictions be lifted for you to visit us and have the servicing carried out.

As well as this, if you experience a defect once the warranty has expired, that would have been detected if the maintenance was performed at the normal time, that these repairs will be accepted by Vauxhall as covered by Warranty.

Please submit your information here to record delayed servicing & maintain your warranty.

Terms and Conditions

We are monitoring the COVID-19 restrictions and working with Vauxhall to best assist our customers.