When it comes to buying a car we all know there are a number of options that purchasers can follow, depending on what is right for them.

To use a main dealer, an independent garage or buy privately is often the choice to be made, informed by whether the buyer’s priorities are a good price, reliable service, excellent after sales – or a mixture of all three.​

The used car market saw over 8 million cars bought and sold in 2016 and many of these were private sales. But while this will continue to be a popular route for many, potential drawbacks such as reduced legal protection, potentially unreliable vehicle checks and the time required to search out and complete the deal, can make this process time consuming and sometimes financially risky.

In contrast, opting to use a main authorised dealer when it comes to buying what is often the second most expensive item most people buy after their homes, can offer the benefits of wide product choice, security of purchase, expert technical support and excellent standards of after sales service.

Tried and trusted

Main dealers like Cawdor, are the public representatives of car manufacturers and if a retailer carries a manufacturer’s name the car maker ensures that all aspects of the dealer’s business represents it in the best possible light.

This will mean the sales staff are trained by the manufacturer and they will know far more about the cars they are selling than staff at a non-authorised independent dealer. Manufacturer scrutiny also applies to the mechanics that carry out repairs and servicing at main dealers, so that a purchaser can have full confidence that the team selling and looking after their prized vehicle are the most knowledgeable around.

Wide product choice

Authorised dealers also offer would-be purchasers the widest possible choice of vehicles.This includes the latest exciting models fresh off the production line, to access to the benefits of buying a nearly new car. Both options are catered for by a main dealer.

For those seeking a much newer car at an affordable price, dealers offer great advantages. They will, for example, have one year old cars available as part of their used car offer and thanks to depreciation rates will often be highly competitive when it comes to price. Such cars still offer the benefits of up-to-date technology, warranties, service history and low mileage, but without the upfront costs that come with brand new vehicles.For many it can be the perfect answer to their car search.

Buy with confidence

When it comes to purchasing peace of mind, buying through a main dealer cannot be beaten. From highly protected consumer rights and warranties, to part-exchange opportunities and a variety of car financing options, as well as robust vehicle checks and after sales services, buyers can be reassured that not only will their new or used car be in pristine condition, it comes with a back-up service found nowhere else in the motor trade industry.

For many, the experience of buying or exchanging their car can be a challenge with lots to think about. Using an authorised car dealer like Cawdor can make that experience a positive one, removing any potential anxieties about car choice, finance dilemmas or after sales service, and leaving them free to make the most of their purchase.

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